CHAIRMANS REPORT 2019 has been another year of uncertainty with a good early run of Peel and still seemingly reasonable numbers of Salmon with several good fish caught. After months of messing around I finally got the tree that was obstructing the passage of fish upstream at the Weir removed and almost immediately Salmon and Peel were seen above the Weir. Work parties were once again very poorly attended it is now getting to the point that we will cease doing any more work unless Club Members show some interest, WE ARE NOT YOUR LABOURERS. There is now a Fisheries Association in place there will be a Fisheries association AGM in March where the Officers and Committee will be elected. If you have any interest in the future of the River Camel you should attend this meeting The Bylaw is now in place in my opinion this should not have been implemented as the latest figures show an improvement in Fry and Parr numbers let’s hope that fish stocks improve the Fisheries Association will be organising Gravel Cleaning and Habitat Improvement work in 2020 if you want more fish in the river you need to be a part of the association!!!!!! Bodmin Anglers Association is still the strongest Club around but due to a drop in the number of members we are running at a loss this cannot continue for too long we will be seeking guidance at the AGM about how to address this we don’t want to increase the membership fee unless we have to the way forward is to attract more members or lose some of our fishing please put some thought into that!!! Tight lines. And safe fishing for 2020

Secretary’s report

The 2019 season started of not too bad, river levels were average-slightly above average, we again had a run of early spring Salmon and few good-sized Seatrout. The weather also started to warm up with temperatures higher than normal. Halfway through June we had a couple days of the light rain which didn’t really change the height of the river, just colored the water enough for anglers to get excited and getting their spinning rods out and going fishing. There were also reports of some good size fish caught and lost by anglers. Then the heat wave came river levels dropped probably lower than last season, making conditions extremely challenging for anglers. But fish continued to come in and settle quite far up the river into some of the deeper holding pools. The weather changed for the worse towards the end of September, river levels rose and made fishing almost impossible at times for a couple of weeks at a time. But when conditions where good there was some good fish caught and returned. There are some positions available on the committee due to committee members retiring. So if you are interested in joining the committee and you think that you can help with the running of the club you can give me a call. One thing I will say is that you will not have to deal with any correspondence etc. as unfortunately that is my job. I’m afraid that I have repeated this from last year’s newsletter, but can you please make sure that you fill in your membership renewal forms and catch return forms correctly and clearly and make cheques payable to Bodmin Anglers Association. Thankyou Tight lines

John and Lisa


Held at the SWEB club Bodmin on Friday 22nd February 2019 The Chairman Mr C Janes welcomed everyone to the meeting. APOLOGIES Apologies were received from Lady Molesworth St Aubyn, Andy Searl, Steve Pearce, Ben Hodge, John Lawrey, Rodger Cox, Roy Coombes, Andrew Stevens and Philp Rowlands. MINUTES OF THE LAST AGM The minutes of the previous AGM held at the Bodmin SWEB Club on Friday 23rd 2018 had been distributed to the members within the annual newsletter.

It was proposed by Mr O Rowe and seconded by Mr S Fulwood that the minutes were a true record of the meeting and this was carried unanimously. MATERS ARISING There were no maters arising. CORRESPONDENCE There was no correspondence

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT The Chairman said that the Club is no more than a Club of card holders, and that more members need to get involved in running the Club with work parties and looking after the habitat. He also thanked the officers and the committee for their support.

SECRETARIES REPORT The Hon Secretary thanked everyone for attending this evening. He informed everyone that we have retained all the fishing for 2019 season. He also thanked the officers and committee for all their help and support and the members who helped on the footpath maintenance days. He also thanked Richard Grieve and John Lawrey for the setting up and running of the new Web Site. TREASURER’S REPORT The Treasurer reported that the Club was still in a healthy state financially, but income was down by £2000.00 due to membership loss. He also mentioned that there was no need to raise subscriptions and anyone was welcome to look at the accounts. APPOINTMENT OF AUDITORS It was proposed by Mr N White and seconded by Mr S Fulwood that we re-appointed J+M Thomas as auditors and this was carried unanimously.

PRESENTATION BY SIMON TOMS FROM THE ENVIRONMENT AGENCY Mr. Toms mentioned that very warm water temperatures towards the end of the season, around 10-12 degrees was causing fish not to spawn on the Camel at the end of the year. He also mentions that the winter run of Salmon is no longer around at the end of the season. He also said fish survey data on the camel and tributaries par has declined drastically in 2017 right though 70% of the river catchment, the question was raised about more survey works and his reply was depending on funding.

PRESENTATION BY DAVE CHAPMAN WESTCOUNTRY RIVERS TRUST Mr Chapman gave a brief talk on some of the projects that the WRT have been working on such as habitat works and fish passage. 2017 was the Camelford Weir, baffles were installed to ease fish passage upstream in 2018 Allen Ford Weir project the Weir was reduced in height to help migratory fish up stream. He also mentioned about a screen that was fixed beneath the archway of the road bridge at Bodmin Parkway on the Fowey the reason for this was to direct the flow of the water of the center of the river to help returning smolts. 2019 they are looking at fish passage improvement works though the park at Camelford and the Delank Quarry blockage. These projects would only go ahead with the permission from other parties.

DECEASED MEMBER The Chairman announced sadly one of our members Gerry Borlase has passed away in January 2019. Gerry has been a member of Bodmin Anglers for many years.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS It was proposed by Mr N White and seconded by Mr R Boutel that Lady Molesworth St Aubyn carry on as President. This was carried unanimously. It was proposed by Mr R Boutel and seconded by Mr O Rowe that Mr C Janes carry on the position of Chairman this was carried unanimously. It was proposed by Mr O Rowe and seconded by Mr A Coomber that Mr S Fulwood carry on the position as Vice Chairman this was carried unanimously. It was proposed by Mr R Greive and seconded by Mr N White that Mr J Rossiter carries on the position of Secretary this was carried unanimously. It was proposed by Mr D Inch and seconded by Mr D Odgers that Mrs L Rossiter carries on the position of Membership Secretary. It was proposed by Mr N White and seconded by Mr S Fulwood that Mr G Toms carry on the position of Treasurer this was carried unanimously. It was proposed by Mr O Rowe and seconded by Mr S Fulwood that all the Committee members who wished to carry on would do so this was carried unanimously. AUCTION Mr R Winn assisted by Mr D Odgers conducted the auction which raised £125 for the Club funds. The raffle run by Mr D Odgers and Mr R Winn was drawn and made £55 for Club funds. ANY OTHER BUSINESS There being no other business the meeting closed at 21:53 hrs.