Our fishing on the river Fowey "The Parkway beat" below Bodmin station has now reverted back to its original beat.

Our fishing as before, starts from the viaduct looking upstream on the RH bank and finishes when you encounter a ditch(it was signed to this effect).

We can no longer fish on up to the road bridge as this is private fishing and not BAA water.

It goes without saying that you can also start at the ditch and fish down if preferred.

If you use any parking associated with the station please make sure that you purchase a valid parking ticket rather than risk a parking penalty of ££££££££££££,s.

River Fowey information

River Fowey Salmon Season to close on 30th November, Sea trout season finishes 31st August.

Hooks, No trebles at any time, No circle hooks at any time.

Bait fishing, Single barbless hooks at all times.

No worming for salmon before June 16th / after 31st Aug Prawn /Shrimp permitted all season.

Spinning, Single barbless hooks after 31st August Catch/Release Return first salmon of season, Retain maximum of 1 salmon per season.

Retain maximum of 10 sea trout per season per river (2 per day, 4 per week) Return all sea trout under 1.5lb (35cm) and over 4lbs (55cm).